Lord, help us to see the vision of the Body!

Thank You Lord for making us members in Your Body. We praise You for our regeneration with Your divine life, which ushered us into the Body. Lord, we want to see more what this means. Cause us to see that we are members of the Body of Christ, enjoying Christ as the life of the Body!

Lord, help us to see a vision of the Body! Remove our covering, dear Lord, that we may see the Body and live a life in the Body. Save us from being individualistic and trying to keep ourselves away from the other members. Lord, if You don’t unveil us, we cannot see! Cause us to really see the Body!

May Your living light, Lord, shine and scatter all our night. Shine into us and expose the darkness of our human concepts. Lord, have mercy on us that we may really see the mingling of God with man to produce a Body for Christ. Lord, may we see the Body to the extent that we depend on the Body and live our daily life in the Body!

Help us, dear Lord, to see the Body! It is not of our seeking, not of our effort, and not of ourselves at all! We need You to shine on us and cause us to see the Body! Lord, grant us a vision of the Body that would govern us and direct us.


Lord, I give You the first place in all things by faith!

Lord Jesus, I just love You! I really love You! I give You the first place in all things by faith. May nothing take Your place in all my heart! Lord, infuse me with Yourself abundantly! Until we meet, dear Lord, I will love You with my best love!

Oh, Lord, You have the right to take all that I want – but replace it with Yourself much more! Lord, do not give me what I ask for in my natural craving and desire – give Yourself to me abundantly! Everything is sure to pass away – but I still have You and You have me too! Lord, may my life be a life of loving one another sweet! In love, Lord, I give myself to You for Your purpose, for Your heart’s desire!

Loving You, Lord, is all I’m living for! Loving You to the uttermost – loving You with all my heart! Oh, Lord, forgive me if I’ve left my first love – that’s the bridal love for You! You are more than anyone I love. Lord, You are more to me than anything I have – even my dear self, NOTHING can compare to You, my Beloved Bridegroom! I just give You the first place in all things by faith…

Oh, Lord, I treasure my time alone with You, especially in the morning… Just to give You the best love You long for! My dearest Husband – draw me right now with Yourself into Your chambers right now… I want to give You my best love… Lord, be the first in all my work, in all my life, and in all my service also! Lord, even in relationships – You must be the first! Lord Jesus, have preeminence in me!

[prayer inspired from the lovely song, Loving You, Lord, is all I’m living for…]

Lord Jesus, keep us in the stream! Keep us in the flow of life!

Thank You Lord for bringing us here, in the divine stream! It is not of ourselves, and it is not because of our seeking heart. It is because of Your mercy and Your revelation of Your heart to us…. Lord, how we praise You that we can join ourselves to You – we can join ourselves to what You are doing today. O, Lord, we love the stream – the unique flow of God in this age! We love the sweet flow of life! We love being in the flowing Triune God today!

Keep us here, dear Lord Jesus, in the stream! In the stream – in the stream, Lord, keep us in the stream! With the saints, with the Lord, in the light of Your word! Never independent to be, nor doing things apart from our mingled spirit! Lord, we trust in Your keeping power. We don’t trust in ourselves – keep us here!

Lord, strengthen us to be in the flow of the Lord in this age! O, Lord, what are You up to today? What are You doing today? Save us from doing “our own thing” or carrying out “our own ministry”! We just want to join the same flow that the Apostle Paul was in! Lord, the flow in this age – the flow that Abel, Seth, Enosh, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were in! O, Lord, as the flowing Triune God, flow in and flow out of us! Flow us all the way into the New Jerusalem!

Lord, gain Your New Jerusalem: God mingled with man, man built into God!

Lord, grant us to see the New Jerusalem! Save us from any of our old concepts, and remove any natural veils that we may see this miraculous structure of treasure! Wow, the Triune God mingled with man! The Triune God being wrought into man, mingled with man, and blended with man! The Triune God being built into man and building man into God! Lord, keep us enjoying You as our life supply: the river of life, the tree of life, and the Father as the source! Grow in us until we become and consummate the New Jerusalem!

Thank You Lord for such a high purpose and a high calling – God wants to be fully mingled and united with man in one corporate entity! Make us those who live out the New Jerusalem today that we may become the New Jerusalem! Also, we want to be those who work out the New Jerusalem today so that we may build up the New Jerusalem. Gain Your Heart’s Desire, Lord – Gain the New Jerusalem! May Your Body as the precursor of the New Jerusalem be built up today so that it may consummate in the holy city!

thank You Lord for a new day – we want to be fully lost in You and occupied with You!

Oh Lord Jesus! A new morning to touch Your new mercies. Dear Lord, how much we need You as our life and life supply to make it through just one day! Oh Lord… forgive us, precious Lord, for straying from You so easily. Lord Jesus! We just choose to turn our heart back to You – oh merciful Lord! We turn to You to touch Your fresh compassions,  Your sweet grace. Lord – You alone are the balm that heals all our wounds and the healing rays of warm sun that bring peace, joy and contentment to our life. Oh Lord, You are the most precious One.

Thank You, Lord, for being the Word of God that defines, expresses, reveals all that God is. Open our eyes that we may no longer be blinded by so many other things that only drain our heart of love toward You. Oh Lord! We want to set our entire being, our spirit, soul, and body with our heart, mind and strength absolutely on You! Lord, in this day, gain our heart! Lord, may our entire being be lost and occupied alone with You. Oh Lord Jesus! Dear Lord Jesus, for this we cry out to You right now! Have mercy on us Lord, to make us a people with a full and absolute consecration, that no disappointment, no human achievement, no person, no matter, not any kind of situation or circumstance would cause us to lose Your smile. Lord, make us a people living in the light of Your Shekinah glory.

Oh, Lord, we want to enjoy and experience You as the all-inclusive Christ!

Lord, unveil us to see You as the all-inclusive One! We want to lift up our eyes from ourselves, our own situation, our own things, and look away unto Jesus! Thank You Lord for coming to us as the Son of God! You are the speaking of God – God coming to us in the Son! You are the effulgence of God’s glory – God shining out and reaching us! What a Christ! You are the impress of God’s substance! Lord, we love You! We are Your inheritance – You are the Heir of all things! Thank You for Your continual dispensing and working of Yourself into us – to make us Your inheritance!

Lord, we love You as such a wonderful One! We want to look away unto Jesus – away from anything or anyone else and unto You! We want to see and experience You as the all-inclusive One! Thank You for the process You went through! You were made a little inferior to the angels so that You might die for us as the Son of Man! You came to fulfill God’s purpose in humanity! You are that Man – the Second Man – who fulfills God’s purpose! Lord, You are also the High Priest and the Apostle of our confession! You brought God into man and You are bringing man into God! How we love You, Lord, as such a Wonderful One! Grant us to enjoy You more as such a One!