Amen, Lord, because we love You, we give You the first place! Have the pre-eminence in our being. Everything we do and say, Lord, we want to do and say according to You. Head our whole being up in You. Lord, You are the First! You are the One on the throne! We enthrone You in our being, Lord! Have the first place in all our life, in our relationships, in our things, in our mind, in our emotion, in our thinking….

Lord, recover our first love for You! We want to be hot in love with You, Lord. We want to love You supremely, and give You the first place in our heart! Decide and umpire in us, Lord. Be the decider in our inner being. We just want to give You more of the ground in our heart, even to have You as our first priority. Lord, we love You!

I give You the first place in all things by faith! Let nothing take Your place in all my heart! Infuse me with Yourself abundantly! Until we meet, dear Lord – I’ll love You with my best love!
Lord, You have the right to take all that we want – but replace it with Yourself much more! Lord, You are what we need – give Yourself to us(do not give us all that WE want)!


About Stefan Misaras

Born of the divine life, we are now learning to live not by ourselves but by the divine life within, living a life together with God! My name is Stefan Misaras, and I am a God-man - a man with the divine life in my spirit, learning to cooperate with the Lord to allow the divine life to spread into every part of my being! Also, just like my fellow believers, I am a slave of God, learning to listen to Him and be one with Him to do what He wants me to do - in the Body of Christ.

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