Thank You Lord Jesus that You are in us! You are a real and living Person! We love You, Lord! Today we just give ourselves to You, dear Lord, to just enjoy You! Keep us in a constant contact with You. May nothing separate us or hinder us from opening to You all the time. May nothing and no one come between us and You! Lord, have a free way in our being to do whatever You want to do.

Lord, even as we have to take care of practical things, keep us in touch with You. We want a constant contact with You, Lord! May our mind be set on our spirit so that we may enjoy life and peace(Rom. 8:6)! Lord, in our spirit we are connected to the heavens – and we are in a position of ascension! May we treasure our spirit! Our human spirit is mingled with the divine Spirit – and we who are joined to the Lord are one spirit with Him(1 Cor. 6:17)! Lord, keep us turning and returning to You in our spirit! Touching You, telling You that we love You, that we need You!

Not just once every hour, Lord – what about a constant contact with You? Lord, unceasingly praying and calling on Your name. Breathing You in and breathing ourselves out. Lord, a continual fellowship! We need You for this, Lord! There can be so many other things that attract us or captivate our attention – keep us returning to You! Be our focus, and be the immense magnet drawing all our inner attention(Heb. 12:2)! Lord, a constant contact with You!


About Stefan Misaras

Born of the divine life, we are now learning to live not by ourselves but by the divine life within, living a life together with God! My name is Stefan Misaras, and I am a God-man - a man with the divine life in my spirit, learning to cooperate with the Lord to allow the divine life to spread into every part of my being! Also, just like my fellow believers, I am a slave of God, learning to listen to Him and be one with Him to do what He wants me to do - in the Body of Christ.

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