Lord, have mercy on us, the sinners! We are not only sinful stained sin-producing people, but we also are enemies of God! Thank You Lord that it is by Your perfect sacrifice on the cross that You fulfilled all the righteous, glorious, and holy requirements of God! Now we are forgiven by God, washed in the blood shed on the cross, and redeemed from Satan’s usurpation! Even more, Lord, thank You for being the One who appeases God – as enemies of God, we need You to appease Him, and reconcile us back to Him! Your death, Lord, appeased Him, and now we are reconciled to God!

Lord, this is not of us, and we have no merit in this – we are nothing, we are just sinners in need of a propitiation: God, be propitiated to us! We stand on Your sacrifice, Lord, and we have peace with God – we have peace toward God! Now we can enjoy God & fellowship with Him, since we are not only washed and forgiven, redeemed and justified, but also Reconciled Back To God! Thank You Lord for Your marvelous death on the cross, such an all-inclusive death, that took care of all our problems. We just come to You as we are, Lord, to take You as our propitiation so that we may enjoy God in peace and joy. Lord, how we love You for what You have done for us. How we appreciate You for all that You are for us!


About Stefan Misaras

Born of the divine life, we are now learning to live not by ourselves but by the divine life within, living a life together with God! My name is Stefan Misaras, and I am a God-man - a man with the divine life in my spirit, learning to cooperate with the Lord to allow the divine life to spread into every part of my being! Also, just like my fellow believers, I am a slave of God, learning to listen to Him and be one with Him to do what He wants me to do - in the Body of Christ.

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