O, Lord, this world we live in today is so ignorant of You – and even we, Lord, even we are so ignorant of You! We come to You to be spiritually educated – that we would know You in a new, fresh, living and deeper way! We don’t want to merely know You in a superficial way, nor just as the Almighty, Omniscient, Omnipresent, All-powerful Creator who showers down wrath upon all unrighteousness. We don’t want to fear You in a superstitious, religious way, but instead, Lord, we want to know You! We want to know You as the Christ, the One upon whom rested: the Spirit of Jehovah, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, and the Spirit of knowledge and the fear of Jehovah! What a rich Person You are, Lord, in all Your attributes and accomplishments!

Lord, we long to come into Your presence, behold You, and know You as such a wonderful One! Our heart thirsts for the knowledge of Jehovah. Have mercy on us, Lord, and reveal Yourself to us! Show us who You are, what things You like, what things You abhor, what things make Your heart happy, and what things grieve Your Holy Spirit! Based upon this personal intimate knowledge of Your person, Lord, grant us a healthy fear of God. We don’t ever want to lose Your smile! May this healthy fear of losing the most precious of things – Your smile and You being happy with us – preserve us from doing, saying, going, buying, seeing, cherishing, wanting, coveting, loving – anything that does not match You! Simply because we love You and treasure Your smiling countenance – we want to continually learn to do everything in oneness with You! Lord, keep us learning this until the knowledge of Jehovah fills the whole earth!


About Stefan Misaras

Born of the divine life, we are now learning to live not by ourselves but by the divine life within, living a life together with God! My name is Stefan Misaras, and I am a God-man - a man with the divine life in my spirit, learning to cooperate with the Lord to allow the divine life to spread into every part of my being! Also, just like my fellow believers, I am a slave of God, learning to listen to Him and be one with Him to do what He wants me to do - in the Body of Christ.

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  1. […] Lord Jesus, we thank You for being the real and living God! Thank You for living and walking in us – we are Your people and You are our God! Give us the […]

  2. […] Lord Jesus, we love You. We love the church, we never want to leave this beautiful place. Oh, Lord Jesus! Have mercy on us Lord, that we would be those remaining in You and in Your house all the days of our lives. And even more Lord – make us building and buildable members of the Body! Lord, we want this highest virtue – being buildable! Lord, You measure us by the building – have mercy on us and make us such people. Not scattered stones, but stones fully built into Your house. Build us in until we become the overcomers, the pillars fully built into Your house that can never go out again. Oh Lord Jesus! You long for Your house to be built up and for Your bride to be prepared! We love You Lord, and our one desire is that You would be satisfied. Oh Lord, we only want Your smile! […]

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