Thank You Lord we are in the Body of Christ! We are members in the Body and we fight in the Body and as the Body! We believe in Your Word and we speak Your Word! You Word will come to pass – whatever You said, Lord, shall be done! Thank You for the position of resurrection and ascension! We are now in Christ, the victorious One! We fight from this position – from ascension! O, Lord, may we deny our opinions, our thoughts, and our feelings – for the sake of the one accord! Help us simply drop anything else that can hinder the one accord being practiced! Lord, gain the full victory through us! Execute Your judgement over the enemy through a built-up group of people! We stand in ascension – and we stand based on Your Word! We believe in Your Word, Lord, and we believe Your Word will be fulfilled! This is how we want to fight, Lord, in the Body and through the Word!

Amen, Lord, bring us all the way through the experience of Gilgal, Bethel, Jericho, and the river Jordan daily! We want to be taken fully out of the old creation and into the new creation! Lord, thank You for continually exposing us and speaking to us – bring us on! Make us those who deal with our flesh by the Spirit of life! We want to be those who give up the world and turn to You by loving You more than anything else! Lord, thank You for Your word through which we can defeat Satan! Lord, we believe in Your Word and we want to be filled with the Word so that we may speak it forth! O, Lord, what about our self? Shine on us that we may see our self and deny our self – die to the self – by the power of the resurrection! May we deny our self for the Body of Christ! Lord, Amen, gain us more to be fully in the new creation! Make all these matters our reality! We want to be fully brought into the new creation in our experience!


About Stefan Misaras

Born of the divine life, we are now learning to live not by ourselves but by the divine life within, living a life together with God! My name is Stefan Misaras, and I am a God-man - a man with the divine life in my spirit, learning to cooperate with the Lord to allow the divine life to spread into every part of my being! Also, just like my fellow believers, I am a slave of God, learning to listen to Him and be one with Him to do what He wants me to do - in the Body of Christ.

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  1. […] Lord Jesus thank You for making us members in Your Body! Thank You for uniting us with Christ. Thank Your for constituting us with Your life and element, thus making us one with You! We praise You Lord Jesus Christ – You are the infinite God without any limitations! You are so great that You fill all things in all things. Praise You for making us the church who has such a great Christ – we are Your fullness and Your complete expression! Lord Jesus – Your economy is so marvelous! Hallelujah for the New Jerusalem! Truly this is our dwelling place for eternity – not the heavens but the New Jerusalem on the new earth! We praise You Lord for making us Your chosen people! We are Your servants – we are servants for the building up of Your church. Thank You for redeeming us, transforming us more every day, and eventually for glorifying Yourself in us! We want to be more mingled with You as Your corporate expression – so that You may gain the New Jerusalem. Amen! LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

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